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Lead Training Team


Samara Dawn

Samara Dawn completed her high school schooling early with honors at the age of 16 years old. Samara spent most of her time in dance for over 20 years as well as teaching dance since the ripe age of 16 years old. Her expertise in jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern and lyrical choreography and production was a major part of her life, through her dance career she has been granted Best Choreography award among many other. Samara spent time in the brilliance of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet at a younger age along with being trained by the infamous Bill Robertson and Rachael Poirier. She continued to practice dance at Harbor Dance Center in Vancouver, BC while teaching in various communities in the lower mainland. Samara also spent time dancing for the BC Lions as well as the Vancouver Ravens and in the past had performances yearly at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver along with competition in Las Vegas. Shortly after starting a family she decided to pull back on teaching dance and shifted her attention and passion into yoga. She completed her yoga teacher training and began teaching classes immediately. With high feeling and knowledge of movement of breath through the body and the discipline of the mind Samara found her true passion. The more she taught the more she noticed what was missing in western yoga and what she could bring to her classes and her community. She and Marilyn created styles of classes that were not offered anywhere else in the world which are now being taught through many BC yoga studios. Her passion and drive have brought her to where she is today. Samara together with Marilyn created the Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Methodology of training. Through their combined experience their goal was to educate those wanting to become instructors through advanced technique and safety with alignment along with the full understanding of yoga from the roots but also with the evolution of today’s human body. Naked Truth Yoga Inc. is also the first Hot Yoga Teacher Training Course to create “Safe Transfers In The Heat”. Along with yoga and fitness, she has created a Barred and Banned Fitness Method as a supplemental course for those interested in teaching this facet of fitness without a choreographed routine. Samara has been successful in educating and certifying highly sought after instructors through the Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Method. This large number spans across boarders for graduates, which teach various styles of yoga and fitness and graduates range from 16-65 years of age and even her 12 year old daughter! Her perseverance and vision in creating a sustainable method, which can be for anyone and everyone, continues to be the most elite training program. Samara is known for her kindness, generosity and exquisite practice along with her unique teaching methods, which she brings to all of those she interacts with. On her down time she enjoys family time with her 3 children and rock star husband, learning more about her passion of self study and energies, Friends (our chosen families), the gun range, ATVing, and relaxation at home with the occasional massage. Samaras passion is in the honesty of the method, the success in her graduates, and the diversities created by Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Samara- E-RYT500

Lead Trainer

Courtney Elizabeth

Courtney Johnson is certified as a legal administrator through the University of the Fraser Valley, certified Yoga instructor and Barred and Banned training through Naked Truth Yoga Inc. and she has extensive training in dance, which collectively has led to her career as a yoga instructor and training assistant to Naked Truth Yoga Inc.. Courtney has successfully completed her ballet examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance, followed by two years of independent study at The Ailey School in New York, NY. She has greater than 20 years of experience in the art of dance and choreography. Her movement into yoga teacher training began shortly after she attended her first yoga class. She found that the integration of movement and breath work during yoga was closely linked to dance but there was something different in yoga. Through her teacher training journey she found similarities where creativity and emotional expression were evident. The connection of the mind and body along with self-awareness through yoga is why Courtney decided she wanted to deepen her understanding by dedicated daily practice, which brings her to where she is today. Courtney has spent time volunteering for a variety of causes including; the Red Cross for Tsunami relief, adjudicator writer for Rising Star Dance competition and her time to assistant teach and choreograph for multiple institutions. She has vast experience in teaching all formats of yoga and fitness classes to all ages and levels. She currently is teaching yoga and dance at various locations along with management, social media and quality control for various yoga studios. Courtney’s love for what she does reflects her honesty, compassion, kindness and creativity making her a vital part of the Naked Truth Yoga Inc. team. Courtney- E-RYT500

Lead Trainer

Brandy Lee-Ann

Brandy Ripolo completed her secondary schooling at Tempelton in Vancouver, BC. Once graduated she worked in the food industry and janitorial work and quickly decided she was not satisfied with this so she created a list of things she wanted to try for 30 days and if she didn’t like it she was moving on. Yoga was the first on her list and from there she never looked back. Brandy was diagnosed with a blood disorder called ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia) in 2003. This condition causes her to bruise and bleed easier then others due to the low level of platelets in the body. During the next 11 years Brandy spent time in and out of the hospital trying to find stability in her health condition. After completing the Naked Truth Training course, she began teaching in the infrared and began seeing a positive change in her health. Since then her platelet levels continued to increase and now they are virtually normal. Her experience with a condition that can limit energy did not stop her. She was inspired to get well and thrive in her new career. Brandy also has a background in dance and brings this creativity to her classes as well. Brandy has experience teaching yoga and fitness to a wide variety of clients. She teaches in and out of the heat to all ages and levels (EA sports) and while not teaching she enjoys reading, fencing and knitting. Currently Brandy teaches yoga full time at multiple yoga locations and assists with teacher trainings. She participates in volunteer work with Make a Wish Foundation and she will be repelling down a building to raise funds for this foundation in the summer. Brandy’s perseverance and passion for life has made her the strong, thoughtful, sincere, risk taking individual she is today and we are thrilled to have such an amazing women part of our Naked Truth Yoga Inc. team. E-RYT500

Lead Trainer

Laura Anne

Laura Newman grew up both athletic and artistic. She completed her diploma in fashion design through the University of the Fraser Valley, which led her to opening her own business creating custom pieces of clothing and accessories along with a natural talent for stained glass artwork. She started yoga over 10 years ago while staying consistent in physical fitness and the arts. While pursuing a career in design, she took up a position in sales. She spent the next four years working hard in a physically demanding industry before deciding it was time to shift gears into teaching. Laura attended a deep stretch class with a friend who was a graduated instructor through Naked Truth. Over the next year, intrigued with her experience, she signed up, completing her certifications in the 200-hour Yoga training and Barred and Banned courses. She found herself a new passion, drawn to assisting others in their journey of development as well as teaching her own classes. Laura continuously radiates a positive light entering a room with an exceptionally witty personality. She is a determined, intelligent, inspirational individual with numerous years of fitness experience, which have all contributed towards her integral part of the training team. Laura- E-RYT500

Lead Trainer

Andie Paige

As a yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience in dance—both as a performer and instructor, Andie uses her knowledge of the body and breath as a practice in mindful meditation to offer beautiful flowing sequences of asana practice. After receiving her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification with Naked Truth Yoga Inc in 2016, she went on to teach a wide range of demographics in the Vancouver area, and later joined Naked Truth Yoga Inc as a member of the training team. Andie believes in always being a student, and continues to study yoga with some of the industry’s most respected teachers, focusing on the benefits of meditation and Ayurveda; she has also completed her 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training certification. Taking her practice beyond the mat into all aspects of her life, Andie is also a practicing vegan, who loves to experiment with recipes for the sattvic diet. Andie hopes to continue to share her depth of experience and passion for yoga for many years to come. Andie- E-RYT500